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Decent Business and Good Profit At the Least Hassle! Not a Myth

By Srinathjis

Wed, Nov 8, 2017

Ever found yourself confused? Are you not able to make a your mind as to where you can invest which will give you not only the guaranteed returns but also help you to make profits.
One such franchise opportunity is in the food and beverage department or rather a restaurant. An investment opportunity with Srinathjis cusines pvt ltd is a brilliant and a smart move, for any business entrepreneur seeking comfortable returns in a reputed brand. Like ‘The Leaf’, an ever popular growing franchise that sets its heart out on targeting the pure vegetarian fans out there. ‘The Leaf’ is a world-class premium A-la-Carte restaurant, that has been picking up popularity, due to its wide range of cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, Thai, Sizzlers, Oriental Chinese and Indian. The leaf caters to all the tastes  and likes of the  foodies. With over 40 years of experience in restaurant business, 'The Leaf', is a sure shot way of running a successful business.
Factors that help to make the right choice:
Location: 'The Leaf' restaurant, can be a good franchise investment in places like Mumbai, Delhi, Vadodara,Ahamadabad , surat, Nagpur , etc, the demand for vegetarian delights are high in the present . It is advisable to open a restaurant franchise in a commercial cum residential area.
Existing Brand Marketing'The Leaf' is already a very popular brand and owning the company’s trademark assures that the quality and standards of the restaurant are well met. This increases customer’s loyalty and brand marketing.
Group Franchise: There is no limit to the number of restaurant franchise an individual can purchase. With the best advice from our consultants and  their expertise, you can rest assured that we deliver the smartest solutions for your investment requirements.
Staffing and Training: As per the quality and safety adherence of the brand, all menu's, staffing and food quality measures are stringently maintained. The company also provides brand training and recruitment for a business, this makes your job as a franchisor an easier one.
Equipment and Design:We already have all our franchise equipment branded with our logo therefore, the need for additional expenses is drastically reduced.
Successful Record:as We already have a reputed name, minimum advertisement is suffices, we also provide our own banners and manuals designs, accessories, etc. Which is ready to be used by our franchisors.
Support and Guidance: When it comes to making the right decisions and important advice to run a restaurant, we offer guidelines and strategic thought flow regarding restaurant investments and business management.
Becoming a partner restaurant franchise with 'The Leaf has always been such an easy walk on till date. We handle everything from all the legal paperwork required for starting up your own business. Our well-trained franchise counselors will mold your business requirements at every step from the launch to finish of a well-established branded franchise. we make yourdream come true.

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