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Wed, Nov 8, 2017

India is a country filled with celebrations, from festive occasions like Diwali, Navratri, etc to personal celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The demand for cakes, sweets, and pastries, never runs out through outthe year. Srinathjis is well aware of the demand for cake shops and has built an empire of cake franchisee across different locations. Our plan is to tap into this highly profitable market and we offer you to become a partner with us.
Our cakes are branded by Srinathjis quality that delivers exceptional eggless cakes that are mouthwatering and made with quality ingredients. This has caused our name and franchise to be a leading cake brand and is now available with online purchasing as well. When you invest in a branded business name that is already well established, you avoid the risk of owning a brand less cake shop. With our brand popularity, your business would boom with more customers trusting your business. We offer counseling and advice on how to run the cake franchise with staff training and recruitment if required.
With our experience and vast knowledge, on how to run a business, you are sure to benefit with profit turnovers. With just a minimum consigned amount, you can be a proud owner of a well-established franchise like Srinathjis in the market. You will also have an opportunity in marketing your brand without investing any further, as we already have our set of logos and brand accessories that help make the cake shop brand more popular. We provide operating manuals, sufficient training by our professionals and expert guidance on how to run a branded cake shop. This reduces risk management complications and losses.
Why Choose us:
We have already grown in the market as a brand, so instead of struggling to reach a top brand, you already claim your status.We have the experience and knowledge for over 40 years, which is a very long time on how to run a successful business franchise.
Our franchise does not charge any royalty fee for a cake shop, so you only pay the affordable franchise fee and deposit to kick-start your business.
We have a wide selection of cake options that our customers have learned to love and appreciate, this means with our brand and guidance, along with Srinathjis trained staff, you will be ready to run your cake shop in little or no time.
We are expanding at a rapid rate, which means if you do not grab this opportunity, someone else may stand to benefit from our brand profit inturns.
Our popularity and quality make us a people choice for cakes and sweets, so naturally, you would gain our customers popularity in your location.
All our cakes are healthy and purely vegetarian oriented, with the company's leading population of vegetarians, you would cater to more clientele as Srinathjis is a pure vegetarian based brand.

Whether it's owning a group franchise or a master franchiseSrinathjis delivers excellence and integrity, with an outstanding record and awarded achievements in food quality. We are a leading market brand, that is looking to expand our franchise and welcome all investors, who seek to a earngood returns, at a pacing rate.

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